Dogs Getting Older As Shown By Dedicated Photographer

Dogs are a man’s best friend. They’re always happy to see you and are always upset when you leave. Whether they’re a tiny, adorable ball of emotional, furry energy, or a huge, lumbering creature of joy, they’re always by your side, and always want your attention.

But every dog owner has that sudden dawning realisation that their cute little pup turned into a fully grown, wizened dog overnight. I, myself, am a cat owner, and my little Persian, Watson, seemed to have suddenly grown into a big ball of the floor within a week. It took him a full year, but the realisation hit me so suddenly, that I was gobsmacked.

Our pets age faster than us, because we live for 80 years, and they live for a quarter of that. And that’s heartbreaking. It puts in perspective that maybe immortality, and outliving everyone you love, might be more of a curse than a blessing.

Amanda Jones is a professional photographer who has spent the last 20 years of her life compiling an incredible collection of photographs that portray the change our pet dogs go through while they age. It’s both heartbreaking and incredibly fascinating. It shows just how short their lives are.


This here is Corbet and the pictures were taken nine years apart. On the left, Corbet is only 2, a young, chipper little pup, and on the right, he’s 11 years old, wise with age.


Briscoe also aged 9 years in the time between these two pictures. He’s just a wee little pup, only a year old, on the left, and a decade old doggy on the right. He even grew a beard!


6 years, here, Poppy is just a year old on the left, and 7 years old on the right. The girl almost turned motherly in that time.


Despite going from 2, to 10, Fred hasn’t been able to stop being confused at what the heck a camera is.


Time didn’t effect old Cooper as much as it did everyone else. Despite being 3 and 10 respectively, he didn’t change all that much. But even so, you can see the colour of his fur get darker.

Kayden and Brodie

The pictures were taken almost 7 years apart. Kayden was 11 months old, and Brodie was 5 years! But on the right, Kayden’s just turned 7 and Brodie is 12, a few months away from turning 13.


Going from 3 to 12, Audrey took ageing like a champ. But even so, you can see the fur around her face and shoulders ease away. It just breaks my heart.


Rufus went from a shy little pup at 6 months old, to a bounding ball of fluffy energy at 13 years. He looks so happy!

Sydney and Savannah

Sydney and Savannah, at 16 months and 5 months respectively, aged nine years, becoming 10 and 9 in the time between the two pictures.


At 5 years and then 10 years, you can clearly see the colour and shine from her fur disappear. We take them for granted, but time catches up with us all. Even our pets.


A 5 month old pup on the left and an 8 year old doggy on the right, it seems that the only thing time did to Abigale was make her bigger, and teach her to lick her own nose when she’s getting her picture taken.


8 months on the left, and 15 years on the right, Lily went from a sweet little pup to a wizened grandma.

Maddie and Ellie

Taken almost 7 years apart, Maddie and Ellie went from 7 and 6 to 14 and 13 respectively. They don’t think aging is a problem, especially judging by Ellie’s smile, but the white hairs are making my heart break.

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to go hug my pet until they get sick of me.

Credit: © Dog Years

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