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Get Pumped! House Of Cards Will Get One More Season And We Have A New President

Get Pumped! House Of Cards Will Get One More Season And We Have A New President

We are getting a sixth season!

Is there anything more exciting than this news? However, this new season will be without the shows lead actor Kevin Spacey. That shouldn’t be surprising though, as he has been accused of sexual assault and harassment by a lot of men.

An actor even came forward to tell the media that Kevin Spacey made a sexual advance when he was only 14. Since these allegations, Netlfix wanted to cut ties with the actor. At first, we didn’t know the fate of this hit Netflix series.

Thankfully, however, we will be getting a new season.

Now the streaming service says it will resume production early next year, making an eight-episode final season for the show.

-Eric Deggans

The final season will focus on the co-star Wright.

The staff was previously uncertain about their future, but that might end now.

Union members (including the cast) have been getting paid in their time off the past two months. But everyone else, from production assistants to other nonunion, hourly-wage workers, are neither on the job nor receiving paychecks.

While Spacey did issue an apology.

His statement has been widely criticized, and we can see why. He said that he didn’t remember the encounter and also came out as gay at the same time. This has also cost Spacey to lose a role in an upcoming movie All the Money in the World.

So, are you as excited as we are for the new season? I’m curious to see how they would deal with Spacey’s disappearance narrative-wise.

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