Married Couple Buy New House Next To Gay Couple & They Are Facing A Hilariously Cute ‘Problem’

“It’s the gay agenda.”

It is pretty lucky to have good neighbors because whenever I have moved, all my neighbors have been complete a**holes except a few good ones. So I definitely appreciate the people who are kind to me.

Although, I don’t get stressed when someone is particularly nice to me, but that might just be me. Because the following couple got into a competition of being ‘nice’ with a gay couple.

Unsurprisingly, they couldn’t win no matter how hard they tried. And yes, that is just as hilarious as it sounds.

Basically, I am unsettled and am now having to enter into an arms race of niceness. I am already so behind.


More info: tumblr

They sure do seem like great neighbors.

They must receive an offering before we cut into it!

Those sneaky gay people! How could they!?

Yup, that is the only way you will get back on track.

This how all the gay people will win us over! The audacity.

The whole Internet loves them by now.

Yes, you will be the nice one this time if you just try.

The comments were just as hilarious as the post.

That is quite true.

Oh, how could they do that?

And we wonder why we have no friends.

I’d sadly do the same.

Oh yeah, this can be a nightmare for people with anxiety.

Asians are the worst!

Everyone would, dear.

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