20+ Times Hotels Did Something Amazing And Surprised Us All

Everyone Likes To Relax Once In A While.

So where better to relax than a hotel? Sure, you have to pay, but at least you don’t have to do anything. Most hotels, however, are just ordinary with their helpful staff and a decent bed.

Sometimes, it is nice to see a Hotel going above and beyond for their customers. That’s what the following Hotels achieved. Some of them had a great sense of humour while some just left you with a smile.

#1 This Hotels Pet Policy.

Via SumFuckah

#2 The Keep Out/ Come In Sign At My Hotel. Just Turn It Upside Down.

Via countastrotacos

#3 This Hotel Lets Me Choose What My Room Should Smell Like.

Via Alexandre_Dumbass

#4 This Hotel Has Fresh Honey In Their Breakfast Buffet

Via GallowBoob

#5 The Tracks For The Curtains In My Hotel Room Overlap So No Light Can Come Through At The Middle.

Via ThePeoplesBard

#6 This Bar At My Hotel Used To Be A Bank Vault.

Via WontonWisdo

#7 This Hotel Will Comp Your Night If You Can Solve A Rubik’s Cube While They Check You In.

Via Jefflebowski25

#8 After Housekeeping, They Left A Chocolate Shaped Like A Vacuum Cleaner In The Hotel Room.

Via he_hu_must_be_named

#9 My Hotel Shower Has A Light To Let You Know If It’s Too Hot/Cold.

Via jam11249

#10 This Hotel In Quebec Refunds You $6.00 Each Day You Waive Room Cleaning, To Reduce Chemical Load On The Environment (Auberge Place d’Armes, Quebec City).


#11 This Robot Delivered A Roll Of Toilet Paper To My Hotel Room In Cupertino.

Via diegocorazon

#12 My Hotel Has Spiral Escalators.

Via theronsternater

#13 My Hotel Room’s Bookshelf Was Built For These Specific Books.

Via ObjectiveSee

#14 The Mirror By The Elevator At My Hotel Tells You What The Weather Outside Is.

Via bigmetsfan

#15 You Can Rent A Fish For The Night To Keep You Company In This Hotel.

Via Arrav_VII

#16 The Sewing Kit At My Hotel Came With The Needles Pre-threaded.

Via MechEGuy

#17 The Clock At The Hotel I’m Staying At.

Via thescientist13

#18 This Hotel Asks Guests To Not Kill Their Stink Bugs.

Via sexualchocolate581

#19 Hotel Has Their Own Bee Farm And Gives Out Free Honey Fresh From Their Roof To Their Customers.

Via failcookie

#20 This Hotel Continues To Amuse Me.

Via pinkturtleemily

#21 At This Lake Tahoe Hotel Pool, You Can Literally Swim All The Way To Nevada From California.

Via cormega

#22 My Hotel In Norway Has A Bag In The Room Where You Can Leave Behind Any Unwanted Items As Donations To The Needy.

Via i_ran_out_of_spaceee

#23 Durham Hotel’s Response To The “Bathroom Bill”.

Via Shdiggy

#24 The Corridors In My Hotel Look Like A Retro Fps Game.

Via NobleRotter

#25 The Tv In Our Hotel Room Has Easily Accessible Hdmi And USB Sockets.

Via phelyan

#26 This Hotel Where You Kayak To Your Room.

Via trevorchico

#27 Hotel I’m Staying At Has A Separate Towel To Take Off Makeup.

Via DasAdam

#28 The Room Numbers At My Hotel Are Shadows.

Via bobo424

#29 Greeted By This Little Guy In My Hotel Bathroom.

Via goatfester

#30 The Mirror In My Hotel In Japan Has A Heated Part That Won’t Steam Up After A Shower.

Via mdengler10

#31 Hotel’s Laundry Bag Has A Quote From Nietzsche On It.

Via Monkeyfeng

#32 This Bedside Lamp At My Hotel In Japan Can Be Half Lit.

Via Nokqua

#33 This Hotel In Singapore Incorporates Landscaping Into Its Facade.

Via Jajaloo

#34 My Hotel Encourages Theft Of Its Stationary.

Via _TonaldDrump

#35 My Hotel Phone Has A Number For Bedtime Stories.

Via ToxicSteve13

#36 This Hotel Has A Pillow Menu… With Pillow Samples.

Via pickup_thesoap

#37 My Hotel Gives You A Rubber Ducky.

Via flyingTacoMonkey

#38 This Hotel Checklist Reminds You To Steal The Toiletries.

Via 10585900

#39 Instead Of A Bible, This German Hotel Leaves A Copy Of The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights.

Via ukdanae

#40 Looked Underneath My Bed At The Hilton Hotel.

Via troymen11


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