This Woman Shared Her Horrific Bra Shopping Experience And It’s Going To Take You To Paranoia Town

Have you ever had a bra shopping nightmare?

Has it ever been that you went shopping for supposedly new clothes but came across something that someone left there? No, not by accident. Someone stole what they took in for trying on and left their own stuff behind.

Yes, that’s right; a woman did that. AND WITH A BRA!Β Some woman left her used bra at a store.

Natalie went to buy a new bra at Primark store in Glasgow but was hit with something else.

As frustrating as it already is, shopping for the right bra is never easy if you find someone else’s to try on. Check out Natalie’s experience.


So this is how people reacted to this particular tweet.

Oh, Nan, your old shoes are worth more.


So it has happened before.


I remember buying a shirt with huge makeup stains on it, but this is definitely worse.

Can I just say WTF!? Who in the hell does that?


The woman had some balls stealing a bra like that. I mean, sure, I know some of them are pretty expensive but how desperate can one be for a bra? Or at least don’t leave your gross one behind!

Have you had any similar experiences? Do share with us.

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