10+ People Who Did Horrible Experiments With Food And You Would Be Lucky If You Can Scroll Down Without Barfing

Some people just shouldn’t be allowed in the kitchen.

I get it, people have weird tastes in food sometimes. But it can’t be “Pop tart and cheese sandwich” weird. It just can’t.

But once you’re on the Internet, you’ll see all sorts of people doing crimes against food. Try not to barf seeing these “experiments”:

#1 Who COOKS cereal?

via slimeweeb.tumblr.com 

#2 Chocolate and cheese. No. Just no.

via Twitter: @h_xxda 

#3 Chocolate mac and cheese.

via peoplegettingreallymadatfood.tumblr.com 

#4 Make it stop!

via reddit.com 

#5 You’re lying. You did NOT drink milk with ketchup.

via sierraseybold.com 


via instagram.com 

#7 Oh, how the tables have turned.

via Twitter: @lykebutts 

#8 No, please.

via Twitter: @fox152 

#9 Hell food: CANDY CORN ON PIZZA.

via Twitter: @therealasswolf 

#10 Looks like a desert.

via Twitter: @whosrobertseed 

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