10+ Horrible Tattoo-Face Swaps That Shows How Terrible These Tattoos Are

A range of skills are required for a career in tattoo artistry.

If you have artistic talent, you have the beginning of what it takes to become a tattoo artist. However, the course of refining your skills is full of snafus.Moreover, swapping your tattoo with real-life objects may be a good way to test how well of a job your tattoo artist did.

And the swaps from these following images can show you just how awful they really are. I mean seriously. That Freddie Mercury tattoo is an insult!

1. All hail the good lord!


2. What nightmares are made of…

3. This wolf saw some scary shit go down.

4. Cousin of dandelion

5. The saddest and scariest tiger ever seen.

6. Scarred for life.

7. Child’s play.

8. Mas Marley?

9. A Monroe disaster

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