10+ Illustrations That Shows The Honest And Accurate Version Of World We Live In

The World Isn’t As It Seems.

While it’s true that the world is a beautiful place, most of its beauty comes from the people who live in it. But we’re often pretty double faced. Rather than being who we are, we try to paint a perfect picture for others that is rarely, if ever, honest.

Every each one of us is addicted to the feeling of being accepted by others. This however can lead us down a dangerous path. Today we show you the work of an award winning illustrator Stephan Schmitz who is based in Zürich, Switzerland. He also studied at the Lucerne School of Art and Design.

‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’

#1 Fixated With Our Work.

We’re so fixated with our work that we let go of everything else. The hunger for power, fame and beauty can be quite tantalizing.

#2 Modern Relationships.

Many relationships these days are filled to the brim with lies. These relationship are usually for looking good and perfect rather than for ourselves.

#3 The Road To Success.

The road to success is littered with hardships however others only see the final product.

#4 Chemical Reactions.

This image perfectly shows the dangerous chemicals we put in ourselves everyday in the name of food.

#5 The Perfect Projection.

We tend to project our perfect ideal on the Internet so nobody can ever see our true selves.

#6 Determining The Future.

We are not too far from changing the fetuses so they can fit within our society’s cruel ideal.

#7 Painting The Perfect Life.

We want others to think that we’re leading the perfect life so we tend to embellish a little.

#8 Time Is Money.

Everyone is leading a life of stress and depression as we run after success but never grab it in time.

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