Cheating Husband Homewrecker Gets Puts In His Place

Cheaters never prosper

Whether it’s in contests or relationships, karma always gets back to you. But it seems like cheaters also never learn. Recently, a husband messaged a wife and suggested that they go out, and what their spouses don’t know won’t hurt them.

The wife, however, bless her soul, wasn’t so easily swayed. In one message, she went from a genuine sweetheart, to a genuine sweetheart who wouldn’t take his shit. She uploaded the exchange on Imgur and everyone absolutely loved it. The wife proved two simple things with her message.

  1. Love can withstand anything if it’s strong enough
  2. Homewreckers get no sympathy

It was obvious that she didn’t want to hurt his feelings at first.

But once he told her that he was a husband also, she pulled out the big guns.

And the internet loved her for it

It reassured those who had unfaithful spouses in the past

But there were some that appreciated the simplicity at which she put him in his place.

It’s best if his wife knows the truth

Everyone was duly impressed by her elegantly and eloquently shutting him down

She deserves all the praise that she’s getting

Original Imgur thread can be found here.

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