Homeless Man Broke Down In Tears After Seeing His Complete Transformation

Miracles do happen. We’ve all been through bad times. Sometimes they come to stay, and it’s hard to hope for something good to happen when that time comes. But honestly, one good gesture can change everything for someone.

That’s what happened with Jose Antonio, a former electrician from Majorca, Spain. He had been battling with depression for quite a while, lost track of his life and ended up homeless.

He started working as an unlicensed car parking attendant to survive. That was until Salva Garcia, the owner of a local salon known as La Salvajeria, invited him for a free makeover. Jose never expected his life to change so much with something as simple as a makeover. It didn’t just change the way he looked; it changed his life.

Here’s how Jose Antonio looked before his transformation

Source: Facebook/La Salvajeria

The locals knew him as Josete, the homeless parking attendant.

Source: Facebook/La Salvajeria

Jose looked so different and handsome after the makeover that the locals couldn’t even recognise him!


La Salvajeria salon workers cut his hair and trimmed his beard.


Source: Facebook/La Salvajeria

They dyed his beard and hair and made him look striking and youthful!


Source: Facebook/La Salvajeria

For twenty-five years, Jose had been growing out his beard and hair because he let himself go. His hair was grey, rough and dirty. So, before everything changed for him, he requested the salon workers to let him see himself in the mirror for one last time.

He was so excited to see his transformation. Just look at his smile!

Source: Facebook/La Salvajeria

They got rid of his grey, dull hair and dyed it a stunning brown colour. Not only did they tidy up his hair and beard, but they also provided him with a new outfit and decent white shirt, red drainpipe trousers and a pair of trendy shoes. The street wanderer looked like an absolute star after the remarkable makeover!

He couldn’t believe his own eyes.


Source: Facebook/La Salvajeria

Converted from a random homeless guy to a hunk!

People couldn’t even identify him as the same person before the makeover.


Source: Facebook.com/La Salvajeria

“This is incredible!” exclaimed Jose as he saw himself in the mirror. “How different, no one’s going to recognize me!”

This unbelievable change brought him to tears. Upon returning home, his friends couldn’t even believe it was him.

Watch the full video of Jose Antonio’s transformation here:

Not only this, Jose has been provided with enough money to survive for two years by an anonymous donor. He has started living in a shared apartment and is in constant search for a permanent job.

See how something so simple can help change things for someone? Be sure to help the unfortunate, who knows you might be that long awaited miracle for them.

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