What Homedepot Did To Their Employee For Preventing A Kidnapping Will Leave You Angry

What would you do if you saw someone getting kidnapped?

You’d prevent it, of course. It’s an emergency, and if there’s a guy running with a kid in his arms that was not his, you’d make sure that he didn’t get away with it. Fortunately, that’s exactly what 32-year old Dillon Reagan thought. He worked at the Mall 205 store in Portland, Oregon for four years, after which he was let go because of a bizarre reason.

As you can tell by the title, he prevented a kidnapping and was rewarded with being fired.

“At the time, the only thing I was thinking about was the child’s safety, I stepped outside and sure enough, there’s this lady who’s frantic and crying, ‘Somebody help me please! He’s stealing my kid, he’s kidnapping my child!’”

Reagan and his colleague gave chase to the kidnapper until the police arrived.

They gave their statements and went back to work, but Reagan was called into his boss’s office to be told that he shouldn’t have left his position.

A month later, we was given this letter.

Reagan took to Facebook to tell his story.

And people were reasonably and correctly irritated.

Home Depot has, since then, take back their decision and offered Reagan his job back.

But he declined since he was treated so poorly that he didn’t wish to return.

“What’s good and what’s right supersedes what’s policy and what’s orders,” Reagan stated. “Hands down.”

It’s basically a scandal at this point and people are disgusted with HD’s behaviour.

Since then, HD has been suffering serious backlash from its customer base, as they should.

As Reagan has stated previously, what’s good and what’s right supersedes what’s policy and what’s orders. The rage and anger you’re feeling towards HD is good, and they should never have let this happen in the first place. Big companies often think that the rules don’t apply to them, but as United learned, and now Home Depot.

Money talks, and if you want to yell, pull it away from them.

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