This New Hair Trend Of 2017 Will Send You Running To The Salon

In recent years, the fashion industry has been developing very fast. We see new trends emerging every day. Clothing, hair, accessories, everything! However, a new trend has emerged in 2017, and it’s something the fashion world will definitely remember. Holographic hair is here, and it is the hottest trend of 2017!

Holographic hair is created using very light shades of blonde and mixing them with pastel pink, lavender or blue. It gives a soft metallic look that is sure to capture a few glances. The amazing hairstylists at Ross Michael’s Hair Salon initially generated the idea, who gave the title of “Holographic” to this style of hair colouring. Pictures of Holographic hair have been circulating all over the internet through Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

Holographic hair gives you a very fresh and cool look, perfect for summers. Not to mention that this hairstyle is unique and beautiful, it is a must-have this summer! Check out some of these breathtaking pictures of holographic hair:






Kelly Boylan








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