10+ These Hilarious Wives Are The Epitome Of What Men Want

  • By Asad Tipu
  • April 23, 2017
  • 13 minutes read

Being married to someone is a commitment, it means decades of spending your life together, which can arguably get boring at times. That’s why one of the most common advice people give each other is to marry someone who makes you laugh. Well, these men found a hilarious wife for themselves, and they gave us a sneak peek into what makes them so funny!

Presenting: A list of funny things these wives do that keep their husbands happy and other men jealous!

#1 This wife found the best way to hide her candy


This woman has her workplace life figured out.

#2 The husband bet his wife that she couldn’t shave his foot while he was asleep


So, obviously, the wife not only shaved his foot, but also painted his nails a pretty pink.

#3 Wife bought her husband a skeleton, he came home to this


I guess he got boned. There’s no better way to receive this gift.

#4 Wife decided on a little treasure hunt to let him play video games.


Did he marry a nice version of Jigsaw or something?

#5 The work of art that is the s̶h̶a̶m̶poo bottle


I bet you she forgot to bring her phone to the toilet while she pooed.

#6 He made the terrible mistake of calling his wife a sandwich maker


I would have done the exact same thing, but at least she made him a sandwich!

#7 His wife made sure the pizza place knew that they were a bit too gung-ho about the advertising


It’s both funny and a work of art.

#8 She brought the dog’s flea pills when she saw old pictures of the husband


I hope she didn’t imply that the husband needed a flea bath after that, but I totally would have.

#9 On of the classier April Fools’ pranks


All the April Fool pranks involve hurting the other person, or doing something incredibly mean, but this… This is a prank.

#10 Wife photoshopped a Coyote to mess with her husband. He fell for it.

Kayla Eby

It’s like the story of the Wife That Cried Coyote

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