10+ Hilarious And Wholesome Tweets About Marriage For You & Your S.O

Relationships are a rollercoaster ride.

There are ups and downs, but what people need to understand is that compromise is essential. You can’t expect anyone to be perfect. People keep too many expectations, and that’s why most relationships fail.

So, we’re going to give you a little idea about what relationships are really like, so you can prepare yourselves for what is about to come. That too if you don’t end up forever alone, which most of us are.

Well, other than that sad fact, enjoy these hilariously wholesome moments:

Via ermahgerditsimgur

1. He isn’t wrong.

2. Play with it.

3. Pun, pun, pun.

4. I think that’s a sweet name.

5. Cargo shorts.

6. That’s better than birth control.

7. Words of wisdom.

8. The anxiety.

9. Spot on!

10. The perfect husband.


12. Oh, grow up.

13. This is why cheaters are stupid.

14. We can all get better.

15. Sweet dreams.

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