10+ Hilarious Tweets About ‘The Sims’ That’ll Make Your Sides Hurt

If you had a dope childhood like most people, you definitely played the sims and laughed at it when your Sim came back looking like uncooked pasta from boarding school. The simulation game, which is now on its 4th rendition, lets you live out your craziest of fantasies

Here are 15+ times The Sims was too hilarious to not screenshot:

1. Bet you didn’t see that coming!


2. I write sims not tragedies.


3. Delete the ladder.

4. Fifth Harmony.


5. It smells like something is burning.

6. In another universe.

7. When you baby has been going hard in the gym.


8. Living the American dream.

9. …..

Twitter: @thumbcramps

10. Why are you single?


11. When life hits hard.

12. Relationship goals.


13. Struggling at life.

14. High-fiving through life.


15. No kids for this guy.

16. PMS explained by the sims.

17. Now it makes sense.

18. We all have our ways of dealing with life.


19. A hot dog dreaming about being on a plate.


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