10+ Hilarious AF Tweets About Pregnancy That Will Make You Laugh If You’re Carrying A Baby

Pregnancy is a complicated process.

Everyone has a different reaction when it comes to being pregnant. But one thing is for sure; all women are hormonal as hell during it. So the most you can do is joke about it later because you might realise some of your reactions were unnecessary.

So here are hilarious AF tweets about pregnancy you can relate to if you’re carrying a baby:

#1 Mommy probably doesn’t want to do that again either.

#2 They probably figured out it was fake.

#3 “Is it a boy or girl?” “It’s food.”

#4 Rather cut the Obgyn.

#5 Babies are lazy.

#6 She knows the sex.

#7 Amen.

#8 Mood swings.

#9 Don’t joke about the food.

#10 It’s happening!

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