10+ Hilarious Tweets About Periods From 2017 That Will Make Your Sides Hurt

There is nothing funny about periods.

But this post certainly is hilarious.

There are those days when we’re all happily active and going on about our day. But then there are those dreadful days when all you want to do is curl up in your bed with some chocolate and a romantic movie and cry your heart out.

Trust me; once you go through this post, you’re going to forget all about those painful days when you wake up with the gross stain on your bed or those awful cramps that constantly make you feel like you’re sitting on spikes.

1. “My period is late. But how?”

2. When you wake up with a dirty surprise.



3. I wanna be as happy as they are in the commercials when I have my period.

4. Hard times bring you together.


5. Oh, thank God for technology!

6. When PMS gets the better of you.

7. When you’re too tired to give a shit, so you decide on making new period panties.

8. And the power puff tampon saves the day!

9. There are two types of period moods.

10. When you are hit suddenly with the blood bomb.


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