10+ Hilarious AF Tweets About ‘The Friend Zone’ That’ll Make Every Woman Laugh & Then Sigh

You think getting friend zoned is bad? And being in the friend zone is the worst place to be? Don’t forget; it took Peta a war and two hunger games to escape the ‘deplorable’ friend zone.

Here is a rebuttal to all friend zone complainers which will make every woman laugh and then sigh uncontrollably:

1. That must really hurt.

Twitter: @meladoodle

2. In the end, it’s all about getting laid.

Twitter: @MillennialOfMNL

3. Ugh God, not this dude again!


4. Friend-zoned or worse?


5. Creep alert!

Twitter: @solomongeorgio

6. Son, what is the meaning of this?

Twitter: @anjapatel

7. Friendship is a very serious commitment.

Twitter: @8_Sisha

8. Roasted.

Twitter: @nedostup

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