10+ Hilarious AF Tumblr Posts About Anxiety That Will Make You Laugh And Cry

Struggling with one’s anxiety is an exhausting exercise. Our brain works in a funny way and, no matter how hard we try, it will not listen to our version of “everything is okay”. Let’s have a look at these hilarious Tumblr posts in which people share their hilarious versions of struggling with anxiety.

#1 When it makes you look awkward.

#2 Everything is just too much.

#3 You will find a way to go over and over.

#4 When you realize that was a lot of work for nothing.

#5 Your anxiety chooses what to freak you about.

#6 The melody of anxiety.

#7 It will make you do weird things.

#8 Your brain won’t listen to your pleading.

#9 Rush before the anxiety bomb goes off.

#10 Its like falling forever.

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