10+ Roasts That Are So Hot That We Can Almost Feel The Heat

People have presented themselves for a good roasting on Reddit and the community made sure that they cook them so good that you can almost feel the heat. Let’s savour the taste of this damn good cooking!

#1 Perfect time for Mom and Dad to move.

via ruslatunna

#2 Shitty IT support.

via ma3afinsakraan

#3 It’s in her eyes.

via Tranceenergy

#4 That gruesome face.

via Jijst5

#5 “Rowling” High on Crack!

via Ajudiana

#6 Response to a horrific declaration.

via MilkIsOnTheHau5

#7 Smiling turkey.

via marissaxxnichole

#8 A proud Christian?

via Instajamins

#9 Pepperoni nipples.

via necrolord22

#10 A pink brush for a bald man.

via justynwook

#11 A pervert’s dream come true.

via yungaria

#12 Proofr readirng mate!

via NotKhaoz

#13 NFL prospect, .eh?

via andreicostin
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