These Hilarious ‘Quarter Life’ Poems Accurately Describe Every Millennial Ever

Poems have never been more interesting and amusing until now.

For all those turning 25 this year, I feel your pain. Quarter life crisis is, in fact, a real crisis for us millennials because, you know what? We are humans too!

Whether we like it or not, we all have to go through this phase in life. Our childhood memories and flashbacks hit us like a thunderstorm. Yes, we have had our fun in our teenage years; even in our twenties but can you believe a whole quarter of our life has passed?

I honestly don’t know whether I should laugh or cry at my current situation but these ‘quarter life crisis’ poems by a 25-year-old illustrator from Los Angeles will definitely make you laugh out loud! These are so relatable.

1. Yeah, I’d definitely want to go back and do that!

2. Free food from a dude.

3. Sure that rhymes but what does a cactus have to do with a baby?

4. Of course, how could you drive without your own car, right?

5. True story.

6. We all want that, don’t we?

7. “All you do is sit around all day.”


8. So done with it.

9. It’s just fermented juice, okay?

10. Life of a millennial summed up.

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11. My kind of plans.

12. Forever alone.


13. No heartbreaks at least.

14. I cannot take this anymore.

15. Even if I’m fully dressed and ready to go.

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