10+ Hilarious Puns That Don’t Need Any Explanation And You Can Guess Them By Only Seeing Them

Being punny is not as easy as it seems.

As not everyone can be as punny as me. Because let’s be honest, puns are usually gosh awful and we do not promise anything better. I mean, it is just the nature of the pun that makes us groan but why not just let it slide for one moment? And just enjoy the clever play on words.

#1 Christian Bale.

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#2 You’re a-dora-bowl (Adorable).

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#3 French kiss.

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#4 It was the highlight of my day.

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#5 Screenshot.

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#6 Cheesiest pickup line.

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#7 Peter Pan.

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#8 I’ve got too much thyme on my hands.

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#9 Bucket List.

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#10 UFO caught on tape.

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