10+ Pride Signs That Are So Hilarious Even Homophobes Will Laugh Their Butts Off

The homophones silenced yet?

If not, they should probably see these signs. As you may already know June is pride month. And there have been many marches this month. Which really does surprise me because it is 2018 and people still haven’t fully accepted the LGBTQ community.

However, the LGBTQ community has come a long way and hopefully, it’ll not be a long way ahead. So rather than hearing my boring blabbing, let’s get on with the good stuff. Even homophobes will find it hilarious.

#1 Trump: The Only Dick I Cannot Handle

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#2 I’m Cool With It

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#3 If You Don’t Like Gay Marriage, Blame Straight People. They’re The Ones Who Keep Having Gay Babies

#4 82 Years (And 9 Months) Of Being Gay! But Maybe It’s Just A Phase I’m Going Through

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#5 Even If Being Gay Was A Choice – So What?? People Choose To Be Assholes And They Can Get Married

#6 If God Hates Gays Why Are We So Cute

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#7 If Harry Potter Taught Us Anything, It’s That No One Deserves To Live In A Closet

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#8 Some Christians Are Gay. Get Over It

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#9 Jesus Had 2 Dads. He Turned Out Fine

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#10 Jesus Hung Out With 12 Guys And Prostitute. He Was More Like Me Than Like You

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#11 The Gay Agenda

#12 I’m Not Gay, I Just Like Rainbows

#13 I Was Born Gay, You Were Taught Religion

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#14 If You Don’t Like Gay Marriage, Don’t Get Gay Married

#15 Leviticus Also Said “No Hair Cuts”, But I Guess We Are Skipping That One

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#16 Being Gay Is Like Glitter It Never Goes Away

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#17 As Jesus Said About Gay People

#18 Please Don’t Divorce My Dads

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#19 Cuz Only Very Fragile Egos Fear Equality

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#20 It’s A Little Weird You Care So Much About My Genitals. Are You Sure You’re Not Gay?

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#21 I Support Gay Marriage. I Believe They Have The Right To Be As Miserable As The Rest Of Us

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#22 If I Can’t Marry My Boyfriend Then I’ll Marry Your Daughter!

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#23 Corduroy Skirts Are A Sin

#24 Who Do You Think Designed Your Wedding Dress?

#25 Guys, I Said I Hate Figs

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#26 God Blessed Me With A Gay Son

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#27 Hi mom guess what

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#28 Being Straight Was My Phase

#29 #1 Threat To America: Gay Mexican Muslim Bears

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#30 Simba Was Raised By 2 Guys And He Turned Out Fine

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#31 You Get A Marriage. You Get A Marriage. Everybody Gets A Marriage

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#32 Kim + Kanye Can Name A Child North West And I Can’t Get Married?!

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#33 Evil Gay Agenda: Love, Monogamy, Family, Puppies

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#34 3 Words That Will Save The Economy: Gay Bridal Registry

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#35 The Westboro Baptist Church Should Drink The Kool-Aid Already

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#36 Does This Ass Make My Country Look Small

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#37 Don’t Mess With Dumbledore’s Rights

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#38 My Mom Is Seeking A Husband For Me, Anyone?

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#39 Straight? So Is Spaghetti, Until You Heat It Up

#40 If Liza Can Marry Two Gay Men, Why Can’t I Marry One?

#41 Gay By Birth, Fabulous By Choice

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#42 If Hillary Was President We’d All Be At Brunch Right Now

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#43 God Said Adam + Eve. So I Did Both

#44 Married 4 Years – Longer Than Britney Spears

#45 Would You Rather I Marry Your Daughter?

#46 The Safeword Is Covfefe

#47 No Matter Who U Love Make Sure Love Makes U Grow

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#48 You’re Making Ellen Sad

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#49 Please Pay No Attention To My Loud-Mouthed Boyfriend

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#50 I Liked It, But I Couldn’t Put A Ring On It!

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