10+ Hilarious Posts Made By Baby Boomers That Prove How Precious And Pure They Are

Baby boomers are the best.

I know what you’re thinking. Not many people are a big fan of baby boomers, and that is understandable. I mean, they don’t really know anything about technology and act like everything we do nowadays is bad for us.

However, when we see their innocent posts and accidental selfies, we can’t help but chuckle along with them. They are honestly very pure, judging from the following posts. So scroll on below and take a look.

#1 No truck, no truck!

Via anonymouspipline

#2 Maybe they follow him on Twitter?

Via usskawaii

#3 I agree with her 100%.

Via fl4meingo

#4 Guess he finally knows.

Via kharmatika

#5 Wait what!? Is she dead?

Via orangewater1

#6 Adam, can you clear my history?

Via RedditingHamster

#7 Nope, Definitely not her dog.

Via Tylerfrom1987

#8 I love footy!

Via philyosophy

#9 What way do you exactly mean?

Via edlucciola

#10 How can Matt have a good day now?

Via EphemeralAurora

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