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19 Tweets From Hilarious Moms On The Verge Of Losing It

19 Tweets From Hilarious Moms On The Verge Of Losing It

No one said parenting was easy

In fact, it’s one of the hardest things you can do. Be responsible for another human being? Sheesh! I’m barely capable of being responsible for myself! Nevertheless, despite the tall order that is becoming a mom or dad, many people take it. Because the reward of seeing something— someone that you created, is worth the effort.

It doesn’t always feel that way, though. Just as these moms who are on the verge of breaking down.

#1 So much to love, so little time

#2 Sassy seven-year-old

#3 No, you have them. I don’t want them. You’re the one that forgot to about protection.

#4 “MOOOOOM. I’m hungry.”

#5 I’m sorry to tell you that it’s chronic.

#6 If it’s stupid, but it works, it’s not stupid.

#7 They obviously plan it

#8 Exceptions are to be expected.

#9 They need their alone time.

#10 Guessing by the number she’s at, probably 10.

#11 What a spoiled generation of kids.

#12 And then throw the poop at other people.

#13 Everything is possible as a mom

#14 You’re dead to me

#15 It’s bad for them!

#16 She lived there for nine months before moving out

#17 Life hack

#18 It’s a complicated relationship

#19 No, son, you can’t go around kissing strangers.


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