10+ Times Hilarious Millennials Absolutely Nailed What Being A Millennial Is Like

If you’re a millennial, anything you do wrong is your phone’s fault.

Or maybe it is because you enjoy avocados too much. Or maybe it’s all because of social media. Whatever the problem is, it is definitely not the economy ruined by the last generation.

Millennials have to go through a lot of crap for enjoying life. So if you’re a millennial, here are some posts you’ll definitely relate to:

#1 Bean bag chairs

@jpbrammer / Twitter / Via Twitter: @jpbrammer


#2 The sims is so unrealistic.

Tumblr / Via copo641.tumblr.com


#3 Dinner>Sex.

Tumblr / Via whales-are-gay.tumblr.com


#4 All those years of hard work…

Tumblr / Via rumze.tumblr.com


#5 Courtesy>human rights.

Tumblr / Via we-are-the-crystal-gays.tumblr.com


#6 Spreadsheet tutorials.

Tumblr / Via unpicasso.tumblr.com

#7 Yeah, my phone is the bigger problem obviously.

@TechnicallyRon / Twitter / Via Twitter: @TechnicallyRon


#8 The Millennial’s Dilemma


#9 Brunch is a distraction.

@hipstermermaid / Twitter / Via Twitter: @hipstermermaid


#10 You’re so not entitled to education.

Tumblr / Via snorlaxatives.tumblr.com


#11 You’re welcome vs. No problem

Tumblr / Via anneboleyns.tumblr.com


#12 Senseless humour.

Tumblr / Via circuitbird.tumblr.com

#13 We do have a sense of humour!

@ahoybailey / Twitter / Via Twitter: @ahoybailey


#14 Damn these entitled millennials.

Tumblr / Via angryhijabi.tumblr.com



Tumblr / Via marshmallow-luke.tumblr.com


#16 Metaphor.

@MaraWilson / Twitter / Via Twitter: @MaraWilson


#17 They broke us.

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