20+ Hilarious Memes For People Who Have Zero Chill When Waiting For Fall

Halloween Is Awesome.

What’s not to love? It’s the one holiday where you’re allowed to spook little children and get away with it. We’re already in August, unless you’re reading this in the future, in which case, happy Halloween to you.


August means Pre-Halloween. Yes, of course that’s a real thing that I totally did not make up this very second. I’ve got proof.

#1 One Leaf Equals Fall.

#2 Yes, That Is The Best Tip For Kidnappers.

#3 How Dare You Saying Something Bad About Halloween!


#4 You Don’t Know What You Are Talking About.

#5 Sure, Whatever You Say.

#6 It Is Always Better To Be Ready For Anything.


#7 Summer Is Never Ending Too Quickly!

#8 Your Thermometer Was Wrong Anyways.

#9 That Is Clearly How It Works.


#10 Cooler Nights Equal Halloween.

#11 That Is Clearly Everyones Reaction.

#12 Look At The Time!


#13 You See The Expression On My Face?

#14 And That Is Weird How?

#15 The Time Of Halloween Is Here.


#16 Yes, I Have Halloween Sensors.

#17 Everyone Should Be Ready By This Time!

#18 That Is Exactly How It Works.

#19 Why Wouldn’t You Want Summer To End?

#20 That Sure Looks Like Heaven To Me!


#21 Don’t See Much Of A Difference.

#22 Autumn Is Coming.

#23 What She Said.


Do any of these posts relate to you or are you more of a summer person? Do any of the stores near you already have Halloween supplies? Or maybe even Christmas? It is never to early to celebrate.

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