10+ Hilarious Memes For Everyone With A Sense Of Humor About Their Anxiety And Depression

#51 Now, that is some genius thinking.

#52 ‘I’m fine, don’t worry!’

#53 Either talk or just get the hell away for me!


#54 It’s probably cancer, isn’t it? Oh My Gosh Did I feel a bump on my back?

#55 Or probably just watch Netflix all day.

#56 It’s not my fault the button is broken, and I can’t turn it off.

#57 Except cats!


#58 Monday? Sorry, that is the day I think about how f*cked up my life is.

#59 It’s probably the latter.

#60 I usually hear ‘You are so bad at jokes and we want you to shut up already.’

#61 So everything? Makes sense.

#62 Are you blind? Do I look okay!?

#63 Hello darkness, my old friend.


You should never deal with your anxiety or depression alone and neither should you feel any shame in asking for help. So talk about the problems you’re facing with a doctor or anyone you feel comfortable with. That might be your teacher, a friend, a doctor or your family. It doesn’t matter, as long you are getting the help you need.

And if you are having suicidal thoughts you should call 1-800-273-8255. However, if you need someone to talk to you can call 1-800-662-4357. And never forget that you are not alone.

Are you dealing with anxiety? If so, which one of these memes were your favorite?

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