10+ Hilarious Memes For Everyone With A Sense Of Humor About Their Anxiety And Depression

Anxiety is never easy to deal with.

No matter how much you try to put on a brave face and act like everything is perfect, it never is. So it is better to accept and try to deal with it with the help and support of your family and friends. Since anxiety rarely has any glaring symptoms that are noticeable to everyone, we shouldn’t feel any shame in asking for help.

While many of us deal with anxiety which is caused by stressful everyday situations, some people can handle it better than others. To put it simply, everyone has to face their own battles. I know that anxiety is never a laughing matter. However, laughing about these stressful situations is how many people deal with it.

So that is why we have compiled some of the most hilarious memes about anxiety and depression to put a funny spin on the stress we face every other day.

#1 I did do that right! Stop trying to make me doubt myself.


#2 You’re right! Why was I even feeling anxious before?


#3 Why you gotta mislead others?

#4 Oh no, Have I been living a lie all this time?

#5 Add a few hundred more clowns, and that’ll accurately represent it.

#6 I think I’d rather take the taxi.

#7 You’ve got a good point! Time for me to get back to bed for eternity.

#8 I think I got severe anxiety after reading this post.

#9 I think it is depression ‘o clock.

#10 Even stress relief things explode because of my anxiety.

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