10+ Hilarious Comics From ‘Good Bear Comics’ That Will Make Your Inner Weirdo Chuckle

Everyone enjoys a little bit of dark humor.

I mean, every one of us has a weird side to ourselves, and it is pretty okay to let it out sometimes. And the following comics will help you do that. The person behind the ‘Good Bear Comics’ is actually James Lecarpentier.

His comics might seem quite normal at first, but they have lots of twists and turns that might surprise the reader. These comics might be short, but they encapsulate the creative idea pretty well.

So scroll down below and take a look. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Source: goodbearcomics.com | Facebook | Instagram

#1 Unconditional love.

#2 Stolen sheep.

#3 Cooked mermaid.

#4 Jeopardy.

#5 Pac-Man.

#6 Ice-cream.

#7 Hot chick.

#8 Astronauts ball.

#9 Ghostly boobies.

#10 Four-eyes.

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