These Hilarious Drunk Stories Shared By Jimmy Fallon Will Make You Laugh Your Eyeballs Out

Who doesn’t love funny stories that people share about themselves?

Well, there are different types of entertaining stories, but drunk stories fall into a different category of hilariousness!

We’re all aware of St. Patrick’s day. It’s an Irish holiday on which rich people get drunk and wasted and use it as an excuse to do whatever the hell they want. But hey, it’s a holiday. So who’s complaining?

St. Patrick’s day was being celebrated this past Saturday. And on Thursday, Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show read Twitter’s most hilarious drunk stories that were posted by people, and everybody couldn’t stop laughing their ass off.

Here is the whole video:

Let me show you some stories that Jimmy wasn’t able to mention on the show.

Never use an elevator while being drunk.

Well, they were nice guys who let you finish, at least.

It would have been super freakier if the reflection responded.

That shows you were such a disciplined student.


EW. I can imagine the smell. I wouldn’t have used the kitchen for days.

Damn, them after effects of drinking though.

Did you like these hilarious stories? Share yours with us if you have any!

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