10+ Hilarious Doggos Proving That They’re The Best Thing On Snapchat

Dogs are much better at snapchat than us.

I mean, most of us tend to post some selfies doing boring things like eating or pooping, but dogs’¬†snapchat game is on point. I would even go as far as saying that they deserve a snapchat exclusive to them, because why the heck not?

Instagram has proved that all the dog profiles get way more followers than us mere humans. So we should accept that our pets are superior to us hoomans and let them have some fun.

That is exactly the reason why we have collected the following doggo photos. Scroll on below and take a look.

Source: Imgur

#1 He ain’t having none of that.

#2 Who cares about money? The floor is clearly more comfortable for him.

#3 I would be pissed too.

#4 He thought he could make it in our cruel world all alone.

#5 But he is. Isn’t he?

#6 Wait, you didn’t. Right?

#7 He shouldn’t hide. It’s not like he did anything wrong.

#8 He is just showing his pearly whites.

#9 The poor baby doesn’t want to take a selfie.

#10 My reaction exactly.

#11 It’s a perfect portrait.

#12 He is probably hungry too.

#13 I used to think horses were big dogs too.

#14 Same here.

#15 I think I am experiencing cuteness overload.

#16 He is giving you the puppy dog eyes.

#17 This can’t be real.

#18 He isn’t gonna listen to some human.

#19 Look at those paws.

#20 Is he happy or scared? I can’t tell.

#21 That poor baby.

#22 Okay, Now I am scared.

#23 The bulldog doesn’t look happy.

#24 Grade-A stalker.

#25 Is this a horror movie or something?

#26 Probably because of his arched eyebrows.

#27 He knows something you don’t.

#28 Won’t this sleeping position hurt her belly?

#29 Of course it did!

#30 I can understand that feeling.

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