10+ Hilarious Comics You Will Get If You’re Always Tired

For most of us, an active lifestyle might be a hopeless dream as we are so well off in our power saving mode. We all have explanations and self-determination to keep rolling on our lazy track. It’s funny and quite intriguing as to how we can always feel tired. Sometimes, even thinking about it makes me exhausted.

Well, explaining the girl part of this “tiresome fact” is demonstrated by a series of illustrations created by Loryn Brantz, a Buzzfeed contributor. Let’s take a look to understand more. Scroll down and see if you can relate to any or all of the situations below.

#1 All the reasons you get late

#2 Favorite and most convenient position

#3 A professional napper

#4 Someday you will final-lolly catch up!!!

#5 Being productive

#6 Making a choice is exceptionally exhausting.

#7 The refresher course

#8 A perfect excuse to stay put

#9 Only Mr Sweat pants could make you happy!

#10 Nothing like a child’s slumber

#11 The new year resolution.

#12 Got to try weird things that keep you awake.

#13 Not enough time for a single idea…

#14 Googling for the perfect job – Fingers crossed.

What about you? Did you get through this article without having some nap breaks? How many of these situations can you relate to? We would also love to hear about your unique sleepy situations of life.

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