10+ Hilarious Cat Posts On Tumblr That Will Make You Chuckle

Cats Are The Most Adorable Creatures Ever.

Yes, they do stupid stuff sometimes, but that is all because they are lazy as hell. That statement kind of reminds me of myself. Anyway, the following pictures remind us that no matter what anybody says, cats make great pets.

#1 Just Say That Statement With The Universal Creepy Voice.

Via valkyriecain

#2 The Damn Paparazzi Always Ruining My Day.

Via stephanieion

#3 Nobody Will Ever Know The Answer To That.

Via shadsasaur

#4 Nobody Should Ever Dare Say That!

Via ounare

#5 How Could He Have Possibly Figured It Out?

Via cuddlepunch

#6 Did He Try Putting It In Rice For A Day?


Via meme-queen-jinx
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