10+ Hilarious AF Teachers That Are So Extra That It Would Put Any Extra Millennial To Shame

Although knowledge these days may be accessible through the Internet, nothing beats the knowledge learned in the walls of a classroom, led by a competent teacher.

A good teacher is well equipped with knowledge and wisdom that even the internet can’t provide. Although, sometimes, despite their passion for teaching – they simply lose their calm. And when this happens, they take savagery to a whole new level.

Below are 10+ hilarious AF teachers that are so extra that it would put any millennial to shame:

1. This teacher who brought a coffin to class because the scores of the students had him dead.

2. This teacher is so extra he posts missing person ads for students who don’t show up to class.


3. This teacher actually went through the trouble of laminating and displaying a cheat sheet.


4. This teacher played a hilarious spelling test prank on his students.

5. Here’s how to ask a girl on a date.

6. Here’s how to accurately demonstrate reciprocals.

7. This teacher who dressed up as Walter White to teach about the chemistry of methamphetamine.


8. Channeling iconic vibes.

9. No pomegranates Wednesday.

10. This teacher wears a mask to hide his expressions while marking students.

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