This High School Kid Made A Science Meme Page And The Memes Are Too Dank To Handle

  • By Asad Tipu
  • November 25, 2017
  • 2 minutes read

Whenever people graduate, they end up doing something crazy.

Something memorable, something that they can look back as adults and laugh. Whether it’s causing a riot, or creating a storm of some kind, or graffiti. It’s a rite of passage. Well, one Australian student at the end of his High School years by the name Lachlan decided to go above and beyond.

He created a meme page.

Source: Earthmemes1

#1 It has over 8000 likes on Facebook.

#2 He is a Port Macquarie student. 

#3 His Earth and Environmental Science Memes are original and hilarious. 

#4 His teachers and his classmates all love them too.

#5 They focus on what’s being taught, how it’s taught, and poke fun at them.

#6 You don’t even need to understand them to enjoy them!

#8 The fact that some kid thought that the most rebellious thing he could do is create a meme page is the best thing ever.

#9 There’s a particular focus on tectonic plates.

#10 And soil samples.

#11 Since he’s now graduating, he’s looking for two other Memelords to take over.

#12 And they better know what they’re doing with his lineage.

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