People On Twitter Are Sharing High School Horror Stories And They Are Painfully Hilarious

High School may not last forever.

But the nightmares sure do. I mean, how do you forget the horrific things you see every day in High School? The obvious answer to that is that you never forget.

So that is probably why a BuzzFeed reporter, Katie Notopoulos, asked this question on Twitter. “What was ‘the incident’ in your high school?” It turns out most High Schools have had at least one ‘incident.’

#1 Smok Weed.


#2 Toasty fire.


#3 Dirty sex.


#4 Poop Bandit.

#5 Learning biology.


#6 Meth head.


#7 Insurance money.


#8 Buried mascot.

#9 Sniffing sheetrock.

#10 The electric kids.

Have any high school nightmares to share? Or are you still living through that hell? Comment on below and let us know or maybe you’d rather repress it.

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