The Reality Of All Women Displayed In These Illustrations.

All women can not just fit into one standard ideology. All women can not have that perfectly curvy figure and act “lady-like” in public. Women are unique human beings. Every person different from the other in some way. Besides, real beauty is always on the inside.

French artist Cecile Dormeau portrays this beauty with her art. She illustrates with pictures and gifs that women in society aren’t objects, but real humans. She also has a very good sense of humour, as you will judge from the content. It shows all the habits of women, their insecurities and their struggles.

For more info: cecile-dormeau.tumblr.com



Cecile Dormeau

Being a girl doesn’t mean I have to laugh at all your dumb jokes.



Cecile Dormeau

Wear those tiger stripes with pride!



Cecile Dormeau

If you love me for the fat on my chest, you can love me for the fat on my stomach too.



Cecile Dormeau

Groping? I dare you to try.



Cecile Dormeau

Bet he didn’t see that one coming. May I suggest, you wash your hand with acid now?

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