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There’s A Hidden Detail In The “Game Of Thrones” Opening Credits Which Will Blow Your Mind And Will Explain A Lot

There’s A Hidden Detail In The “Game Of Thrones” Opening Credits Which Will Blow Your Mind And Will Explain A Lot

A Valid Theory Or A Fanboy’s Nonsense?

Everyone was deeply excited when the season 7 premiered. I’m assuming you saw it since you wouldn’t be searching for hidden details in the show if you hadn’t.

I know it is kinda hard to remember anything but Arya Stark from the episode. In my humble opinion, she kinda stole the show from the start but bear with me.


The Hound returned for the season 7 premiere and he looked more beaten up than before. Didn’t think it was possible but he did. He also revealed an amazing hidden detail that only a Reddit user RohitMSasi noticed.


Remember the little scene with The Hound?

No, I am not talking about him burying the dead. I am talking about when he looked into the fire. I am guessing the Lord Of Light chose him because of his emotional guilt after he left that family to starve in season 6.

The Dead March Past.

You might be wondering the same thing I am. How could they just walk past the wall of ice? He didn’t even say that the wall had crumbled as many of us expected. What did he really mean?

Well what if the white walkers are marching around the wall? That doesn’t make sense though. Since, if that was possible, they would have done it ages ago.


Remember The Saying ‘Winter Is Coming’. 

Well, The Hound was kind enough to enlighten us this season that winter is already here. Hence the dead starving family.

Well prepare to have your mind blown. The following picture is of season 6 episode 1 credits.

Now, Take A Look At The Credits From Season 7 Episode 1.

Do you see a bit of difference? Maybe this will help you.

Via RohitMSasi

I can see that the Zombie army is massive now but do you see the water freezing? Well, it is winter so it shouldn’t surprise us. I mean The Hound did confirm it for us.


What do you think of this theory? Do you think it is possible or just some nonsense? Well, we would love to hear from you about the possibility. Are the White Walkers invading?

Ugh, the suspense!

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