Here’s 10 Amazing Things You Probably Didn’t Know

#1 Elon Musk and Neil DeGrasse Tyson believe we live in a simulation

Elon Musk and Neil DeGrass Tyson

Elon Musk and Neil DeGrasse Tyson have little in common, but they share a bizarrely specific belief. They think we’re living in a simulated reality. Their argument: If simulated realities are possible, there must be simulations inside simulations inside simulations. So the chance we’re at the top is exceedingly small. Both scientists and philosophers agree that this is a bunch of nonsense.

#2 Doctors are worse during the summer

“Rookie doctor” is one of those word combinations people don’t want to hear. So, don’t get sick during the summer. Researchers found that your chances of being killed by mixed-up medications increase by about 10% in July. This is when lots of medical residencies start. However, this effect was observed only in counties with teaching hospitals.

#3 The Church used to give abortions

The church is the biggest enemy of abortion rights. But it wasn’t always that way. Before Roe v. Wade, some clergymen would help women get abortions. Many young priests and pastors were aware of how dangerous clandestine abortions were and would help women get to Mexico or Canada, or otherwise get the procedure done safely. About one out of ten women needing an abortion got it this way.

#4 Vegas advertised nukes

Back in the ’50s, the government had an atom bomb testing ground a mere 65 miles from Las Vegas. So the city used Nuclear explosions as a tourist draw. The Vegas Chamber of Commerce distributed schedules detailing detonation times and advertising the best spots to watch them. Casinos held bomb parties and nuke-themed beauty pageants. It all ended when above ground tests were banned in 1963.

#5 Crab blood is worth $15,000

The blood of horseshoe crabs is blue because it contains copper instead of blood. And a quart of it is worth $15,000. Horseshoe crab blood is used by the pharmaceutical industry to test medications for contamination. So the poor things are captured and bled alive like in a horror movie. Amazingly, most of them survive and are released back into the wild.

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