‘Herb Grinder’ Gets Bad Reviews on Amazon from People Who Don’t Realize It’s for Weed

Ever try to buy something only to find out that it’s not really what was advertised?

Perhaps it was a pair of jeans, except they were three sizes too short? Maybe it was a shirt? There are countless “horror” stories of people buying things online only to get something incredibly terrible in return.

I mean, I created a list of this before.

Anyway, this is a bit of a different story.

Consider this marvelous Herb Grinder


As you can see, this little device is multi-purpose. It is the Ohuhu Tobacco Grinders Herb Grinder /Weed Grinder/ Plant Grinder / Pollen Collector/ 4 Pieces 2.38″ Heavy Duty Zinc Alloy, Magnetic Top, Elegant Black sold on Amazon. 

A user known as A. Maddox tried their hand at it. Unfortunately, they sorely disappointed because they bought it for culinary purposes.

Apparently, the frequently bought bong — I mean, thick blue spoon, wasn’t enough of a giveaway


They left an arguably disappointed review.


“The rosemary just fell right through. I’m sure it works well for nugs, but I actually need a spice grinder and it’s impossible to find now thanks to the weed industry. I wish they would call them something else so I don’t have to sort through 89,679,376 products like this to find an actual spice grinder.”

A. Maddox is very well versed in both the stoning arts and the culinary arts. It went viral because of its’ hilarious innocence. But it was also later deleted. The blame for this mix-up is placed squarely on the “weed industry,” and to be fair, it sounds like a legitimate complaint.

After all, how would you feel if you kept running into the same problem because of the same industry?

My heart goes out to the sassy user, and I hope that she finds the legit grinder that she wanted.

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