10+ Times Heidi Klum Nailed Halloween Costumes & Took Them To A Whole New Level

Being named the Queen of Halloween is quite an honor.

If only Heidi Kulm knew we gave her this name, at least. You wanna know why we’re giving her that title? Have you seen any of her Halloween costumes? This 44-year-old has been wowing us since the 2000 and we are glad she isn’t going to stop anytime soon.

That is why we have compiled some of her best costumes to date. Yes, these costumes include everything from Kali the Hindu Goddess to Jessica Rabbit. The only question is what costume she will wear this year.

#1 Goth Pippi Longstocking (2000)

Via Tom Wargacki

#2 Lady Godiva (2001)

Via Evan Agostini

#3 Betty Boop (2002)

Via Mark Mainz

#4 Gold Alien (2003)

Via James Devaney

#5 Red Witch (2004)

Via Evan Agostini

#6 Vampire (2005)

Via Evan Agostini

#7 Forbidden Fruit (2006)

Via Michael Buckner

#8 Cat (2007)

Via Charley Gallay
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