15+ Heartwarming Ways Only Children Can See The World

I think it should be necessary to look at something wholesome every few days.

With all the bad news you see everyday, and everything that causes you stress, it’s nice to unwind and smile about the little things. Kids, for example, are always full of joy and happiness. They have this wonderful outlook that’s infectious and endearing. If you’ve ever argued with a toddler, you know that they make a lot of nonsensical sense.

It’s their innocence, honestly. The simplicity with which they tackle problems and situations in real life, it’s just so utterly wholesome.

#1 For example, this kid was told to circle all 0s.

#2 And a present for her daddy.

Twitter | @Dempster2000

#3 Cooling off the hot wheels.


#4 Life hack. Trust me, it works, I’ve tried it also.

Reddit | [deleted]

#5 He’s been a fan all his life. And then some.


#6 That’s a pretty well preserved piece of paperĀ for having been kept at least a decade.

Reddit | deborahleighk

#7 A letter to dad from his kid.


#8 She understandably doesn’t want to get in trouble

Passive-Aggressive Notes

#9 It’s just a prank, bro.


#10 He looks so goddamn pleased with himself.

Tumblr | wikimanual

#11 Ah, the innocence of youth.

Instagram | @menstruallydisturbedtampon

#12 No wonder girls want shoes so bad.

Twitter | @JusticeWillett

#13 I mean, he does make a point.

Reddit | StrandhillSurfer

#14 Maybe that’s teaching and not ah… Something else.

Twitter | @louwhiteman

#15 Make Melbourne great again.

Reddit | HalpTheFan

#16 The kids kept themselves in line with the camera

Reddit | NeofelisNight



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