15 of the most heartbreaking moments in TV history, according to sobbing Internet users.

Reddit is a collection of a multitude of people.

They’re all helpful and dedicated to what they do. And different parts of Reddit does different things. As such, if you find a particular Reddit, you have the ability to find anything you want. It’s like a human version of Google. So, recently, when someone asked what the most heartbreaking and Earth-shattering TV moments were, they provided. And Goddammit, does it hurt.

#1 Big Bird realizes Mr. Hooper isn’t coming back


Sesame Street is an iconic and memorable part of television. Unfortunately, when the actor that played Mr. Hooper passed, the writers didn’t want to do him a disservice. So they tackled the difficult topic of death with the kids. It was important for them, and it was doubly important that they had someone to lean on during this.

#2 Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air


Will Smith played the iconic main character in the show. He played a fictionalized version of himself that moved in with his aunt and uncle. The episode Kotkaiser is referring to is when we find out exactly why. And it breaks Smith’s heart because he feels like his father doesn’t want him. You can hear the pain and sorrow in his voice, and it just shatters your soul.

#3 When Jim confesses his love for Pam in The Office


The Office is an American sitcom, so people watch it for fun. To laugh and smile. Unfortunately, there’s this one scene in season two where Jim confesses his love for Pam. And Pam turns him down. Hard. The whole exchange is heartbreaking, and you can see how upset Jim is.

#4 Walter got Hank’s last compliment.


In Breaking Bad, Walter White, the protagonist, is friends with a guy named Hank. There’s an exchange in the desert, and White pleads for the safety of his friend. The look of utter agony in his features is haunting because he’s forced to watch his friend get shot.

#5 Marshall loses his father in How I Met Your Mother


While the show is hated for how it ended, it had a great run. How I Met Your Mother is an integral piece of television history, just like F.R.I.E.N.D.S. There’s one scene in the show where Lily, Marshal’s wife, delivers the news of his father’s death. And it is just devastating.

#6 Everyone dies because of Dino stupidity.


Earl Sinclair, a character in the show, is put in charge of clearing Wax Fruit Trees. In the process, he kills everything except one important kind of beetle. Because of this, plants start dying, so the Dinos put nuclear bombs inside volcanoes in the hopes that exploding them will cause clouds to form and rain. It’s surprisingly morbid.

#7 Vincent Van Gogh is reduced to tears when he sees how history remembers him


Doctor Who is another iconic TV series. Arguably the most memorable piece of British Television. In one of the episodes, the time traveling Doctor brings Vincent Van Gogh from the past into the future to see how his paintings have changed the world. I feel a lump in my throat just thinking about it.

#8 Star Trek: The Inner Light, where Picard’s dream crushes him


Sir Patrick Stewart has always been a great actor. In his portrayal of Picard, there’s a scene where he lives an entire life in the span of two minutes and wakes up to find it wasn’t real.

#9 The Band of Brothers miniseries


The entire series, spanning ten episodes, tell the tale of Easy Company. A group of extraordinary young men and their experiences in the Airborne Division of the U.S. Army. Based on a true story, the interchange is even more harrowing.

#10 When Dr. Cox loses his friend in Scrubs


When Ben Sullivan dies in the Scrubs, his friend Dr. Cox can’t accept it. He creates an imaginary version of Ben and talks to him while they go to his funeral. And it’s just such a gut wrenching exchange.


#11 Fry loses his dog

In Futurama, Fry gets frozen for a thousand years and loses his dog along the way. He gets a chance to clone him but doesn’t go through with it so that Seymour can rest. Fry thinks that he lived a full life after being frozen, but he didn’t. The dog waited for him until his death.

#12 The Futurama 5 Second heartbreak


Fry thought someone took on his name and identity and buried him, but in a few short seconds, he realized that his older brother had named his son after him. And his son had carried his legacy and dreams.

#13 Buffy The Vampire Slayer, the mother’s death


Death has never been an easy thing for anyone. But Anya took it hard. You can see her devolve into an emotional mess because of how difficult it is for her.

#14 The M*A*S*H scene


It wasn’t about the chicken.


#15 Rick Sanchez turns himself in

To save his family, Rick Sanchez surrenders to the galactic prison. And it’s just an emotional and heartbreaking sequence.


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