Woman Shares Heart-Wrenching Final Conversation With Her Suicidal Friend That You Must Read

Mental health is often scoffed at.

It’s not as simple as people think, even those who believe that they understand what mental illness is like. It’s not periods of depression and sadness. It’s a constant, ever-present feeling of loneliness. You can laugh, genuinely laugh, but it’ll be tainted with the knowledge that a few days later, you’ll be in the same bed, isolated, unable to get up.

Poor mental health isn’t just depression and suicidal tendencies either. Bipolar disorder, borderline personality, OCD, anxiety disorder, things that are trivialised. They need to be discussed, and people need to know how to handle them, so that things like this don’t happen.

Shawn reached out to a friend, for no reason at first. Turns out, he had quite a reason for it.

Source: Twitter

The woman is a Howard graduate.

She had some duties, but she offered to come see him anyway.

He shied out.

But she insisted. She was more than willing to be there for him.

She said she’d be there.

But, despite all that, she was too late.

Way, way too late.

It’s a bone-chilling thing to witness.

She uploaded the pictures on her Twitter, and captioned it with a simple heartbreaking message.

“My friend committed suicide on Tuesday. He told me he was in a low place and needed to talk. By the time I got to his house, he was gone. Please let this be a reminder to check on your friends. You never know when it will be too late. Rest In Peace, Shawn.”

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