Mom packs a healthy snack for her kid and receives an idiotic note from the school

Parenting can be really hard.

Whether it’s dealing with school guidelines or the struggle of not bursting into an emotional wreck because of their adorableness, parenting has its ups and downs. One mother in Australia got the short end of that stick. She sent her child a sandwich roll, two boiled eggs, an orange, kiwi fruit, and a handful of sultanas for lunch. That wasn’t suitable for the school. They sent her a note about the “unhealthy” fruits.

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The note reads:

Please help us to encourage nutritious eating habits in children. Our healthy eating policy asks you to provide healthy and nutritious snacks for your child to eat at kindy. Acceptable items include fresh, dried, or tinned/packaged fruit/vegetables, vegetable dips, cheese, crackers/dry biscuits, yoghurt, fruit bread/muffins, sandwiches with healthy fillings.

The sultanas packed for your child today is unacceptable at kindy due to its high sugar content.

And that’s freaking crazy

🍇Ok, this is a little crazy! 🍇 A mum in my Lunchbox Ideas Australia group received this letter today from her daughter's daycare/school.www.ohsobusymum.com.au

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The mother from Lunchbox Ideas Australia was arguably very irritated. Her immediate reaction was:

“This must be a joke? Of course, they are high in sugar they are fruit. Today’s lunch consisted of a sandwich roll, two boiled eggs, an orange, kiwi fruit, and a handful of sultanas. She never has packaged food in her lunchbox or anything with refined sugar.”

And the parents were in an uproar. Some decided the appropriate reaction was to shove it back in their face.

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Others thought that they can give their child whatever they want.

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Most agreed that eating raising is good.

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Not all kids are the same, so each case needs to be treated differently.

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But Neal was the only one who truly spoke to my heart.

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It would seem so, Neal.

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