This Badass Hawk Just Sparked The Most Intense Photoshop Battle Ever

When wildlife photographer Clint Ralph visited Giant’s Castle in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa with his son, he had no idea of the internet battle he was about to launch. On his visit, he witnessed a Jackal Hawk chasing away a flock of ravens from a carcass and when he clicked the button on his camera, he caught a photo with a lot of attitude.


Ralph commented that he “loved the attitude and comedy of the shot” and he “knew it would capture the imagination of the public” but he couldn’t have known the scale as since then, an intense Photoshop battle has been raging over who can create the most badass shot. And believe me, there are some worthy contenders.

Here are some of the best examples we could find of this hawk looking downright awesome. I don’t know what this hawk is doing right now but I’m sure he’s doing it with some serious swag!

#1. First, these two heroes collide to create a masterpiece. That hawk would rock the shield.


#2. Cool birds don’t look at explosions.


#3. This is both awesome and a great visual pun. Just wait for it to creep up on you.


#4. This guy’s about to do some serious damage. Call of Duty anyone?


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