A viral and heartbreaking hashtag proves body-shaming starts early for women

It started with just one tweet

Sally Bergesen recalled a time when her father called her a butterball. She ended the tweet with the hashtag #TheySaid. And since then, it has gained a lot of traction. It’s filled with women recalling events where they were told to stop eating at a frighteningly young age. They were as old as 8, sometimes as old as 5 when they were told to cut calories.

A five-year-old can barely even make a sandwich, let alone start cut calories.

People have always been unforgiving and cruel. But even to little kids?

The stories they shared are enraging and cruel and heartless.

It really does show just how far as a society we have to go

After all, they were just kids when this happened

They even congratulated them on developing an eating disorder

The tweets are all difficult to read. But they’re a necessity. Being fat isn’t healthy for you, but that in no way means you have the freedom to belittle and reduce a child. It’s harmful to their growth and they will always feel less than they are. If reading this deters even one person from mocking a fat person, then this article has done its job.

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