Someone Imagined What Harry Potter And Adams Family Would Look Like If Merged Together & We Want It To Happen Today!

Do we have any Harry Potter & Adam’s Family fans here?

I’m sure we do, but you must be wondering… Why am I mixing the two?

Well, that’s because I’m about to show you how it would have been if Harry Potter and Adam’s Family had a little merger together. An Imgur user assumed how it would have been if Morticia Adam’s was Harry’s mother and wrote a letter to Professor McGonagall.

Sounds pretty interesting, right? It definitely made me visualize the two worlds being brought together. I’d definitely love it if somebody made a remake by merging both the creepy, spooky universes since Morticia was already into Dark Arts, which makes it even more interesting!

Let’s take a look at the merger letter.

Everyone would have loved Morticia Adams as Harry’s mother!

“Men can be so ridiculously proud,” totally read that in Morticia’s voice.

Who remembers Aristotle? Now imagine Aristotle clinging to Harry’s face! Jeez!


Is it just me or did somebody else read this letter in Morticia’s mysterious voice too? Plus, Wednesday would most definitely be a Slytherin! I would love to see more of the Harry Potter-Adam’s Family world. Although if they lived together, Harry wouldn’t have been surprised by magic tricks, since he would have already belonged to a family who’s already into Dark Arts instead of a muggle family.

What did you think about this amazing merger of the two? Let us know about it!

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