This Woman’s Hallmark Christmas Movie Drinking Game Is Gonna Be A Nightmare For Your Liver

Constant like Christmas every year, The Hallmark Challenge comes out with their ‘Countdown to Christmas’ movie package.

As most people love watching films on the subject matter to get ready for Christmas and awaken their holiday spirits, some of them don’t like The Hallmark for their choice of movies.

The problem comes with the fact that most of their movies end up being sentimental, romantic and super corny, which makes it one hell of a task to make your boyfriend or husband watch it with you. But, how about if you tempt him with a drinking game in which he will black out after being drunk? Now, that is something some men definitely look forward to.

Brittany Graves convinced her husband with the same idea that got him to watch movies with her. As her caption tells:


We invented a drinking game that works with any of them! My hubby actually watches with me now lol


Well, no doubt, I might watch each and every motion picture with you as well, Britt. Since this an unadulterated virtuoso.

So what Brittany basically does is, she separates each drink by a typical topic or event in The Hallmark Christmas movie – for instance, the protagonist’s name identified with Christmas, a mistletoe, the couple enjoying the snow at some place, and so forth. You’re gathered to “finish drinking” once your companion is in the Christmas soul (but yes, it can be hard).


But yeah, the bonus can be dangerous as there are movies starring Candance Cameron Buré or Lacey Chabert. So, good luck!

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